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Film Market Fund

Film Market is a one stop show financing and production service entertainment company focusing on providing a 360 solution for films, TV shows and all media productions, from anywhere in the world, that can be shot in Spain. Film Market is the only Spanish company that can cash flow all your production, handle/structure and maximize all tax rebates, soft money and provide top of the line production services anywhere in Spain.

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    High returns with mitigated risks

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    All resources for productions

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    Legal, structural and tax incentives

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Tax Incentives

Spain is one of the countries offering the best conditions for international films in terms of tax incentives. The Tax Rebate can reach incentives that in regions such as the Canary Islands offer up to 50% tax rebate. Film Market has long experience in the processing of tax incentives and provides the structure to develop and benefit from the tax rebate in the best conditions.

Production and Services

Film Market has the technical resources that makes it possible to successfully develop and meet the needs of productions interested in shooting in Spain. The Spanish audiovisual industry has experienced professionals with solid training. Film Market offers the best professionals covering all activities such as shooting, sound, hairdressing, makeup,...



Cash flow and financial services

Film Market has resources and collaboration agreements with credit institutions with the capacity to finance audiovisual projects. In addition, Film Market has alternative financing systems and has the possibility of integrating innovative financing processes to the industry through crypto-assets.


Film Market has investment partners that participate in the audiovisual project through Tax Equity investments. Film Market provides the structure and advice for investors to benefit from incentives and for audiovisual projects to obtain extra financing. Film Market has a portfolio of investors interested in audiovisual projects to invest every year.




Film Market offers support, advice and optimization of audiovisual projects. In addition, Film Market collaborates in the generation and development of projects and in the application for government subsidies. Film Market supports filming with technical resources, locations and professionals, etc...

Shooting in Spain


Spain offers a solid and consolidated audiovisual industry, with highly qualified professionals and very competitive prices. It has a sunny climate and a highly developed transport and service infrastructure for being a world power in tourism, offering great tax incentives to the sector.

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Film Market Fund

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